2022 Champ:
John Ritter

2022 was a banner year for John Ritter.  After a strong 11-under-par showing at the first event of the year, "Ritz", as he is now called (since I just came up with it), also conquered a Major test at Sand Creek for a second victory on the year.  By the time the Tour Championship rolled around, "Ritz" (I like that, we're keeping it) was a mathematical lock to hoist the trophy.  Congrats on an awesome 2022, Ritz!

2021 Champ:
Dave Waterson

Far from the fan favorite, Dave Waterson outlasted the field anyway in 2021. Greg and Al Roepka were in hot pursuit, but a punishing Willowbend Country Club proved to be the difference maker at the Tour Championship. Dave is now a 2-time Champion Golfer of the Year, tying BC in titles but still trailing in the category of television commercials.

2020 Champ: 
Jerry Matthews

Transcendence is a word that is widely regarded as very difficult to spell.  Jerry Matthews defines transcedence and his stellar play in 2020 spelled trouble for the rest of the field (see what I did there?)  With victories in 2 of the 3 Majors and gutty performances all around, Jerry rose to the top in the most unusual season we've had so far.  

2019 Champ: 
Bret Christiansen

Bret Christiansen defended his 2018 title with a successful 2019 campaign that included 2 wins and a television commercial.  Really.  We aren't joking.  The guy is in a television commercial.  You can watch it right now, just click on that picture there.  Why are you still reading?  Watch the commercial.  Congrats BC!

2018 Champ:
Bret Christiansen

Bret Christiansen's meteoric rise to the top began early in 2018, when he took home first place at the season opener in Hesston.  B.C. went on to notch 4 victories throughout the 2018 season, including the frigid Tour Championship at Colbert Hills in Manhattan.  Jim Colbert himself was present to witness B.C.'s final victory of the season, and remarked, "such a fine player must possess tremendous mental fortitude" (paraphrased).

2017 Champ:
Dave Waterson

Year two of the Kansas Fellas Tour was a spirited affair, likely to go down as one of the top two seasons up to that point. Dave "Commish" Waterson managed to limp across the finish line and hold off an impressive charge by Zac "My Back" Stuckey in the tour championship at Stagg Hill. "Commish" won 4 events in the 2017 season, a feat he attributed to Erick Erwin's routine absence.

2016 Champ:
Erick Erwin

The inaugural year of the Kansas Fellas Tour was also the first. Erick Erwin routinely proved that he is better at golf than his competitors by shooting lower scores than them. Erick recorded five top-3 finishes in the 2016 season, including a first-place showing at the Kansas Cup at Colbert Hills.  Erick hails from Newton, KS and in this quote we just made up said, "I look forward to defending my title next year!"

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