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Membership is earned through invitation only. All members must pay the following dues to retain tour status and enter tournaments:
Season entry: $40
Tournament cost: $20

To stay a member, you must adhere to certain standards:
-Dress code is determined by the course we are playing. Keep it classy, boys.
-Drinking on tour is not only allowed but encouraged.
-Tournaments will be on weekends only. We will attempt to make start times such that same-day traveling is possible.


The season entry fees will be held in a "pot". Players earn points throughout the season, based on their performance in each tournament. At the end of the season, the "pot" will be divided as follows:

-1st Place (most earned points): 50% of pot
-2nd Place: 30% of pot
-3rd Place: 20% of pot

Each tournament will be allotted a base number of points (500 for regular, 1000 for Major) and each participant will add another 200 points to the total. The points will then be distributed as follows:

1st place: 35%
2nd place: 20%
3rd place: 15%
4th place: 10%
5th place: 7%
6th place: 5%
7th place: 3%
8th place: 2%
9th place and beyond: 1% 



Scoring is standard scoring. All players play from the same tees. Handicaps will be established and adjusted as necessary, from tournament to tournament, to make the playing field even for all, regardless of skill level. All handicaps and point standings will be published on the tour's website: Updates will be posted within 24 hours of an event's conclusion.


The $20 tournament fee is to cover the tournament's "skins" game. A "skin" is earned by shooting the lowest score relative to (handicapped) par on a particular hole. In the event of a tie, no "skin" is awarded. The pot for the "skins" game will be split between all players who won a skin throughout the 18 hole card.


Tee off order - on the 1st tee, we will tee off in order of results from the previous tournament. All other tees follow 'honors' system. "It's your honor, your Honor."

Ready golf - as long as nobody is in harm's way, play 'ready golf' up to the green. Once on the green, furthest from the hole putts first. "Cannonball!"

Putting - No 'gimme' putts. Putt everything regardless of proximity to the hole. "Are you too good for your home?!!"


Penalties - All lost balls, water balls, and OB are 1 stroke. Spend no more than 2 minutes searching for a lost ball. If your ball is lost, in the water or OB, drop a ball where the group agrees is fair and add 1 stroke to your score. "Right in the lumberyard, Danny."

Maximums - Maximum score per hole is 2X course scorecard par. If you have reached that point, pick up your ball. "How do you measure yourself with other golfers?" "By height."


Conditions - You may improve your lie up to six inches in any direction, except on the green or in sand traps. "Why don't you improve your lie a little, Judge?" "Yes, winter rules..."

Mulligans - No mulligans are allowed on any hole. "Spalding, you'll get nothing and like it!"

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